How to implement change…the most difficult task there is.

Change is our major objective. It is an essential factor. Change can lead to projection and anticipation of a better, or at least a different outcome. However, without change, we can basically expect that we will achieve the same results we always have. It may seem obvious and easy, but it remains one of the most difficult tasks imaginable.

Many individuals fail to implement the necessary changes that can bring the desired results. Although most people know what they would like to happen in their business, because there are no changes, the desired outcome will not be obtained. Here is a way to overcome this barrier and to make changes happen.
There are three parts to this strategy, which you may want to implement in attempts to support any business changes.

1. It is necessary to have a clear understanding of the result you would like to achieve. In fact, begin with the desired result and work backwards from there. For example, if the results you wish are an increase in gross revenue, then that will be too general of a statement. Instead be more specific. Ask yourself: how much of an increase do I want? How many dollars, items sold, and/or contracts invested will it take in order to increase the revenue? In other words, we first have to quantify the results you desire in order to further achieve other goals.

2. The second step is planning precisely how the goals will be achieved. Will the goals be obtained through more advertising? Different advertising? More direct marketing? Through mailing? Telemarketing? Perhaps the goal can be obtained through reps or brokers, or expanding territory or expanding a product line. As you can see, there are many different moves that can be made in order to attain your desired outcome. Each move will have a cash flow requirement, a time line, and a likely result. But, everything will be based on the combination of efforts, moves, and resources you choose to do. It will all depend on what you intend to invest in the program.

Essentially, you must recognize your goal and know how you are going to obtain it. Half of the answer to brining about change is, knowing what the change will look like.

3. Now for the real magic. Each strategy has specific tasks required in order to achieve the objectives. It is necessary to break down the strategy into its smallest components. We must identify every individual small task and step within the larger task at hand. This way we can determine the critical path that will be taken for each in order to achieve the goal and reach the objective.

With this time line and very small step-by-step critical path, the final mandate can be implemented. Short goals that can be achieved quickly (including a handful of tasks) are created. To set an example, your goal can be a half-day agenda in which you set three or four tasks. Within each task, you will have several steps.

At the end of the day, or maybe even week, you will have reached what may have originally appeared as an unattainable goal. You may have obtained a goal to large and intimidating to have even considered. All this can be done by taking it one small step at a time. Bite size attainable goals can lead to immediate gratification and further to a completed, desired task.

This strategy can lead changes to occur automatically. These changes can take place without anyone knowing or thinking about the large, daunting objective. Taking small steps makes the objective digestible and thus easier to succeed.

All in all, an impact will be made if there is a major strategy switch in a certain aspect of the business. But it will only happen if you take it a step at a time with specific goals in mind and achievable, short term objectives.

With this method, anything can be programmed and anything can be accomplished. Change can be ushered in a graceful and smoothly manner with little pain and resistance from what we wish to alter.

Implementing change has traditionally been one of the most difficult tasks, but it doesn’t need to be difficult anymore.

This is how to do it. Call for assistance. 413 549-2966


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