Current but nervous?! Do the workout!!!

Current but nervous, do the workout

Attention all small business owners: Stop waiting for the imminent destruction that is on the way.


I talk to many people who say they are current, but nervous. “Nervous,” because they see that their cash reserves are evaporating, revenues are down, and while they have made efforts to reduce overhead and downsize to regain profitability, their debt remains the same and is now crippling them. Debt absorbs far more cash than their business can afford, so they are nervous, knowing that they are headed for self-destruction unless they do something about the debt.

Yet they typically want to wait… wait for the economy to return their lost revenue, wait for the inevitable while hoping and praying for some intervening force to turn their business around. They should be nervous, as they are simply waiting for the end–the end of their business life and then the pursuit of their personal guaranties by the bank. Self-destruction, in a word.

Yes, our strategies are considered “hardball.” We employ serious, sophisticated and complex strategies that remove debt from your business and reduce your personal guaranty obligations to pennies-on-the-dollar in most cases.

You all must understand, we are not navigating a speed bump. The declining economy, high unemployment rate, reduced revenues, high overhead, lack of borrowing potential… all of this spells a changing economy. What we have today is what we will have for a long, long time and it may be getting even worse.

So yes, call us, learn about what we can do, and then act. Understand that your nervousness is a clear warning to yourself that you are in trouble and must do something about it or suffer the consequences. Calling to inquire is a great first step, but failure to act will be fatal in this downturned economy.

It is a new world; this is not just a typical cycle we can wait out. This is a long-term change that requires a serious response or long-term survival is doubtful. Loan modifications will not work. Debt forgiveness is the only way to survive.

Call us, learn more and then act. It is your only choice. Call 413-584-2581 and Norm will arrange a no-obligation teleconference.

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  1. I’ve been trying for months. The banks keep losing things, then requesting more docs. It’s so frustrating.

  2. Ha… this is actually pretty decent :) By: Sitesell Scam

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