Do You Know How Your Employees Are Treating Your Customers?

I recently visited a chiropractor for an adjustment; it was nothing serious but I needed a little attention. As I entered the waiting area I was greeted by a most pleasant person who guided me through the intake process. She was very helpful but not overbearing. She was pleasant but not so sweet  that it became nauseating. In a word, she did a perfect job. Then, another assistant introduced herself and brought me into the examination room, also very helpful, direct, pleasant and professional, guiding me, informing me, talking to me and providing meaningful support.

Then a doctor came in to take x-rays and, once again, explained what was happening, spoke to me intelligently and pleasantly and made the process painless. I was offered refreshment and asked if I needed anything to be more comfortable a number of times. I was addressed in a familiar manner, by name, and everyone speaking to me first introduced themselves and told me who they were, what they were doing for me and their role in the process.

Simply put, it was a delightful experience. They were all trained very well. It wasn’t that they had memorized a script–they hadn’t. They were very real and naturally convincing; all were obviously well-trained to do a very specific job which is to make the patient feel comfortable, and they succeeded.

We have all been to doctor’s offices, and seldom does the visit match this experience. The opposite is more the rule than the exception. We have all been to businesses where we were ignored and left to fend for ourselves, sort of in hostile territory with the employees acting as though a customer was an interruption in their day. We all know that feeling as we all too often experience it. The difference is in training, and an employee can be trained to do whatever job the owner believes is appropriate.

I was so taken aback by the positive experience I had at this doctor’s office that I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if every business owner cared enough to train their employees how to do what these employees did, i.e., to create a totally positive experience for the customer while conducting business. My guess is miracles would occur, business would expand, profit would skyrocket and everyone would be much happier and satisfied, enjoying a terrific experience.

Why is it that most businesses cannot boast such a result? Have you trained your staff to deliver the most positive experience possible? What are you waiting for? It costs nothing extra and yields such phenomenal results. Why would any business owner overlook this obvious objective–making the experience a customer has when doing business a positive one by training your employees how to handle them, what to say and what their attitude and demeanor needs to be. This is not about memorizing a script, it’s about creating a culture of service and delivering this to the clients. Train your employees in how you want customers to be handled and they will deliver the results you want.

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