Press Release: Successfully Navigating The Downturn: Positive Reviews


                            E-BOOK LAUNCHES TO POSITIVE REVIEWS

- Book Promises To Save Families One Business At A Time -

Northampton, MA. Feb 4, 2012 – Don Todrin, lifetime entrepreneur and Chief Strategist of Second Wind Consultants Inc., a turnaround and workout firm, launches a free downloadable e-book to help navigate business during the current, bone crushing recession.

Millions of small businesses are shutting their doors and over 60% of the jobs in this country are provided by small businesses.  The book, “Successfully Navigating the Downturn,” outlines case-by-case examples of Don’s unique “Four Pillar System,” designed to help small businesses survive, emerge and succeed ultimately forgiven from debt including SBA guaranteed loans.

“There is a path to success for small businesses in this crushing economy,” says Todrin. “We are helping small business owners all over the country one business at a time.”

The “Four Pillar System”, has been developed as a result of Second Wind’s success in leading small businesses to profitability in this very challenging economy. The process includes:

  1. Management by the numbers, downsizing successfully
  2. Reinventing your business
  3. Internet marketing, social networking for success
  4. Debt workout, the ultimate game changer.

Debt Workout is the company’s ultimate strategy, perhaps the most important aspect of the pillar system in which negotiating debt forgiveness frees the business to operate profitably.

There are a number of factors which converge on these small business owners all of which need to be addressed to survive and become profitable again. In view of sharply declining revenues and changing consumer habits, debt must be reduced and new strategies employed. These strategies have been devised and perfected by Second Wind in its Four Pillar system.

Second Wind understands what’s at risk – jobs and families, and how vitally important it is for business to navigate this downturn successfully. The book, “Successfully Navigating the Downturn,” is an absolute field guide for all small business owners. Todrin and his Second Wind crew should be a first call for help. The writing style is easy to understand, corresponding videos posted on their web site are aggressive and his approach is perfect for the times. It is a street smart strategy. Tried and true.

The book is available as a free download from

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About Second Wind Consultants 

Second Wind Consultants has an aggressive and successful track record of turning around their small business clients and working out their debt. They have been successfully executing their strategies with small businesses over the past 30 years. They specialize in working out SBA guaranteed loans and secured bank loans. The team, a group of 15 seasoned pro’s represent the leading edge in the turnaround and workout business world

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