Following the Rules Means Following All of The Rules That You Have!

I have heard this so many times: “I was brought up to pay my debts”. That person is right. That is what honest people do BUT these people don”t know what other “Rules” are available to them. They don’t know what their legal options are. They may have been brought up to believe that bankruptcy was their only option if business conditions, beyond their control, began to attack their business, their assets, their family home.

There are other “Rules” and these honest people will NOT hear of these rules from the banks, the SBA or from bankruptcy lawyers. Second Wind Consultants SAVE businesses by introducing business owners to other options. These options save businesses.

Large corporations have armies of consultants who’s sole task is to find the loop holes to save billions of dollars yearly. My company works for the little guy. We are the working asset of small business!!!


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