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The Biggest Barriers Preventing A Debt Forgiveness Workout: Fear, Doubt, Ego

The biggest barrier preventing a business saving debt forgiveness workout is You. Yes you the small business owner plagued by declining revenues, increasing overhead, and fear and doubt and ego. Fear, doubt and ego are preventing you from downsizing deeply, … Read More

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It’s The New Year, What Is Your Plan, Include Reinventing Yourself And Win

It is time for a real change. Every year a new plan, every year you fall short. Why? It is not the plan that fails to deliver expectations, it is how you are with your vision. It is tim to … Read More

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Leadership Is All About Asking The Right Questions Not Giving The Right Answers

Leadership is a difficult concept to grasp for many small business  owners, and is frequently confused with telling everyone what to do, making all decisions, “leading the way”. Not so!  I have found that this approach really does not work … Read More

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Leadership vs. Management, Which Are You Doing

Leadership vs. Management Leadership is sometimes considered to be, by many small business owners, a vague concept hard to pin down and difficult to embrace. In fact it is often mistaken for the exact opposite of what it is, and … Read More

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Effective Management Requires Getting Into Relationship With Your Employees

Effective management requires getting into relationships with your employees. Yes it does, to effectively lead your men, you must get into a relationship with them so they will be willing to follow  you and are  committed to you as a … Read More

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