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Never Hide A Seller Take-Back Note From The Bank

I recently reviewed a client’s situation in one of our telephone consults and discovered that the seller to our client originally sold a business to him and took back a secret seller’s second, which both were purposefully hiding from the … Read More

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Underwater Commercial Real Estate Dragging Down Your Business?

I see the same problem constantly with business owners who purchased real estate between 2003-2008. ¬†They saw their business on a growth curve and figured they would reinvest some of their profits into a building purchase or finance construction of … Read More

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Let’s Talk About Your Under Water Business Real Estate Again

I keep advising small business owners to end their love affair with their real estate and to make an important decision in regards to it. Let’s look a little deeper into the reasons why: 1. Your revenues are down and … Read More

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You Must Be In Default To Enter Into A Workout Negotiation

Yes, you must be in default to enter into a workout negotiation. I am asked about this all the time and frequently confront situations where people are wanting to do a workout yet they are keeping current on their payments. … Read More

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Are Debt Workouts Too Good To Be True?

After speaking with a prospective client and reviewing his situation, I propose a workout strategy to drastically reduce debt and keep the business running with a seamless transition. I project a workout that involves settling for much less than is … Read More

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